We offer you a broad range of erotic and intimate VR Videos and Performances.

We explore the changing roles of humans and intimacy in the transformation to a technocratic society.


Who's Afraid Of The Evil Feminist Cyber Human?"

Video Theatre Performance

Remember the robotic maid Rosie on The Jetsons? Do you ever wish you had someone to clean up around the house while you kick back and lay low? Well, here's the thing: Rosie is not that cheerful anymore... She's got a hold on your toys and she is playing it hard.


Psychedelic Tours

An experience you will always remember

Take a trip with us to a psychedelic source so powerful it will blow your mind. Our tours are highly exclusive and tailored to your fears and fantasies. A tour consists of a virtual experience while being caressed and tickled by us.


New Experiences in 360

360 video gives you the experience of being really close to people, in the front row or part of the dinner at the dinner table

Ladies from the 90s

These VR experts worked with VR since the 90s, and don't make the same mistakes as we did in the 90s

Out of the Box

We think lots of VR is boring. We want to make it Interesting and Guarantee Your Satisfaction

Technology Boring?

We make it FUN again! With self-made content, no corporate demo games

Amsterdam Women

Made in Amsterdam, an artist, movie director, geek and VJ came together to supply in your needs


Absolute Privacy is Guaranteed! We are NOT U.S. OWNED and don't store your reactions on our VR, something most VR makers don't consider. Would you want to drive a car with people who forgot to think about seatbelts?

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